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Wall Art Designed for Joy

Decorate your home with stylish wall art to increase your joy.

Why Choose Us?

Wall Art Designed for Joy

At She Who Honors Designs we know you want your home to be full of joy.

In order to do that, you need wall art designed for joy.

The problem is it’s hard to find stylish wall art that brings joy, which makes you feel frustrated and sad.

We believe it’s wrong to be burdened with boring art filled with shallow inspirational sayings.

We understand and know how frustrating it is to find stylish inspirational wall art. We experienced the frustration, too. Something had to change.

Which is why we create inspirational wall art that is stylish and brings joy for you and your home.

Here's how you do it:    First click the shop now button to look at the Wall Art collections.

 Second, choose your art. Pick a piece (or more) to add joy and inspiration to your home.

Finally, inspire your home. Your art designed for joy piece will be shipped to your home in 3 to 9 days. Hang it as is or buy a trendy frame. Let the joy flow!

So, Shop now. In the meantime, download this free 8x10 inspirational wall art piece

So you can stop feeling frustrated and discouraged and instead experience joy and peace.

About Us

Christina Leeman

store owner

Hello. I'm Christina owner of She Who Honors Designs. I love decorating my home. Especially with stylish wall art. But I was frustrated with the lack of stylish and uninspiring wall art out there. I couldn't find wall art I liked. I thought why not create my own? With my gift of design from YHWH, support from my loving husband and teen girls I took the leap. I started creating my own stylish, inspring and joy filled wall art. I hope you like these designs. May your home be filled with joy. Blessings!

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